Miniature Donkeys For Sale in NH!

Great Miniature Donkeys for Sale!

We maintain a select herd of miniature donkeys for sale at Grand Finale Farm in Barrington, NH providing quality veterinary care, farrier care, proper nutrition, hands on attention. We breed mini donkeys for quality, confirmation, disposition, size and color. We have the traditional grays, blacks, browns, sorrels and spots. Our herd is diverse, and we believe will have the mini donkey suitable for your needs. Whether you are looking for quality breeding stock, show donkeys or pets, our goal is to match friendly, healthy, happy donkeys to wonderful loving homes.

We take great pride in the accomplishments of our breeding program. Our donkeys are registered up to date on vaccinations, farrier visits, deworming etc.

Other Details Regarding Miniature Donkeys for Sale

Discounts are given for multiple purchases. We also take every step to educate our buyers. When buyers purchase foals we invite and encourage them to visit their new donkey foals until it is time for them to go to their owners homes. This bonding time gives the buyers time to become acquianted with their new miniature donkeys and continue to learn more about the care and management for their new pets. "We will be there Before and After the Sale".

  Cinda - Brown Jennet - Miniature donkey for sale

"Cinda" - Brown Jennet

Color: Brown
Name: Grand Finale "Cinda"
DOB: 09/24/08
Sire: Sunset Acres "Crimson Dakota"
   31 3/4 inch Dark Red
Dam: Salt Marsh Farms "Sabrina"
   34 inch Dark Brown
Price: $2,000

A sassy li'l jennet who likes to be in your pocket all of the time! She will follow you anywhere or anytime.
  Honey-Bun - Jennet for sale

"Honey-Bun" - Brown/White Spotted Jennet

Color: Brown/White
Name: Fisher's Painted "Honey-Bun"
DOB: 05/19/94
   32 inches
Sire: Fisher's Tiny Gideon
Dam: Fisher's Bit O' Honey
Price: $1,500

Here is a Flashy Dark Brown Spotted Jennet That Has Had Beautiful spotted off-spring, A real eye catcher, If you like spots you'll most definetly be happy with her.

  Red Lolita - mini donkey Jennet for sale

"Red Lolita" - Red Jennet

Color: Red
Name: Rearview's "Red Lolita"
DOB: 9/3/01
    34 1/2 inches
Sire: Rearview's "Red Beau"
Dam: Rearview's "Blossom"
Price: $2,500

She's a mighty fine jennet, At this time she has a super nice red jack foal at her side who's sire is SUNSET ACRES CRIMSON DAKOTA , we would like to sell them together.....A steal at $2500
  Jenny for sale - Kitty Hawk

"Kitty Hawk" - Dark Brown Jennet

Color: Dark Brown
Name: Flight Of Fancy's "Kitty Hawk"
DOB: 9/29/92
    33 Inches
Sire: "Toby"
Dam: Flight Of Fancy's "Liberty"
Price: $2,500 (together)

Kitty Is A Wonderful Donkey who has had some very nice foals for us, We would like to sell her along with her Adorable Black Jenny foal with a big white star (together) Or will sell seperately.... Price $2500 together
  Rhapsody in the Rain - miniature donkey for sale - Black Jack

"Rhapsody in the Rain" - Dark Red Jennet

Color: Dark Red
Name: Grand Finale "Rhapsody In The Rain"
DOB: 4/18/00
    33 Inches
Sire: Arbor Ledge's "Little Red"
Dam: Gardner's "Roseanna Dana"
Price: $2,500 (together)

We would like to sell them as a package deal, She's A Real Nice Jennet and as you can see her foal is super nice as well (his sire being Sunset Acres Crimson Dakota)
  Mini donkey for sale - Barbara Jean

"Barbara Jean" - Dark Red Jennet

Color: Dark Red
Name: Sunset Acres' "Barbara Jean"
DOB: 6/5/02
    31 1/2 Inches
Sire: Circle C's "Black Russian"
Dam: Sunset Acres' "Gabby"
Price: $2,500

Here is one Gorgeous Jennet who will stand out in any herd, she has garters on her legs, which some people really like, Her foals have all been replicas of her when bred to red. Don't pass this one by!
  Jenny for sale - Me-Oh-My-Miria

"Moka Delight" - Gray Brown NLP Jennet

Color: Gray/Brown NLP
Name: Grand Finale's "Moka Delight"
DOB: 7/8/02
    32 Inches
Sire: Hy Hopes' "Vedito"
Dam: SS's "Fiona"
Price: $1,400

A very nice Jennet , Heavy boned, from the My World Lines which comes out in her off-spring. She won't dissapoint you no matter who you breed her to!
  Harmony - Jenny mini donkey for sale

"Lila" - Dark Brown Jennet

Color: Dark Brown
Name: Grand Finale "Lila"
DOB: 09/04/08
Sire: Sunset Acres "Supremo"
   32 1/2 inch Black
Dam: Grand Finale "Prissy Priscilla"
   32 inch Dark Brown
Price: $2,000.00

This li'l jennet is as cute as a button. We find she is happy to buddy up with any mini donkey in the herd.
  Neon Rainbow - Jenny for sale

"Neon Rainbow" - Gray / Light Brown Spotted Jennet

Color: Gray / Light Brown Spotted
Name: Summer Shades' "Neon Rainbow"
DOB: 6/5/01
    31 1/2 Inches
Sire: Garnett's "Silver Fox"
Dam: Summer Shade's "Hailey"
Price: $3,000

A Beautiful , Small 31.5 Jenny who is known for having small beautiful foals.
The Added Bonus: She was Bred to an outstanding Black/White 31.5 inch jack (A Frontiers Legend son named "SIX SHOOTER" for a February Foal.
  Bella - Jenny for sale

"Harmony" - Dark Brown Jennet

Color: Dark Brown
Name: Grand Finale "Harmony"
DOB: 02/14/09
Sire: Kiterra "Six Shooter"
   31 3/4 inch Black / Dk Brown / White Spot
Dam: Sunset Acres "Brite Eyed Girl"
   34 inch Red Jennet
Price: $2,000.00

Our li'l cupid! A sweet thing that will melt your heart. She will bring music to your life!

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